Wednesday 3 February 2016

UK Camera Magazine features my 5 year project 'Ghost Houses of the Prairies'

I am proud to announce that my 'Ghosts Houses of the Prairies" Photo Project is featured in the current edition of the UK Photo Magazine "PhotoPlus”.

This project is very close to my heart, as it represents a number of milestones in my life, and in my career. First and foremost it brought me much closer to the friendships first forged over 35 years ago when I attended High School in Hutchinson, Kansas, and a place I now consider my real home.

Secondly, using Hutchinson and a good friend's farm in Overbrook, as my bases, I spent a wonderful 5 years driving along thousands of miles of Kansas, straight as a die, highways and dusty county roads, tracking down these sad but amazing structures. Over the course of that project I learned more about the negative effects of globalisation on food production that a lad from the projects of the inner city would ever normally get.

It was also, as a result of this project, the first time that I was called an artist to my face. This came from someone I deeply trust, and was at a time when I didn't trust many people around me back home in Ireland. That statement alone was enough to change the course of my creative journey from that point.

Now, as this project passes into history, along with the houses I captured, a new phase has opened, one which will see me working from Dublin, Kansas, and California. From these leaping off points I will be seeking new and exciting directions in my photography, while giving the various photography related workshops I have created for the Institute of Photography.

I can honestly say that if it were not for my Ghost Houses Project, I believe none of this would have come to pass. A very good friend uses 'Art saves lives' as her email signature, in my case I know this to be true.

It has been an incredible journey, and as I come to the end of it I see that I'm just at the start.

Vita brevis, ars lunga - Life is short, art is long

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